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EMI has its manufacturing facilities at Brahmanwada 13 kms from Nashik.The EMI has in-house facilities to manufacture, test & supply the complete range of Overhead Transmission Line Hardwares & Accessories for applications ranging from 11kV to 800kV. The EMI is equipped with state of the art Aluminum Die-casting unit, a Galvanizing plant, Wire drawing and forming machines for Armour rod manufacturing & pipe-bending machine for manufacturing of corona control rings. Plasma machine for profile cutting. Machinery shop comprising numbers of process, drilling machining etc.. EMI also has its own forging facilities.

After gaining experience of long 15 years in technical collaboration with Damp s.r.l. , Italy for design of Spacer Dampers ( Twin , Triple , Quad & Hexa Bunddles) of our design with support of technical consultant of international repute. Similarly vibration Damper, Spacers and the complete range of Conductor Accessories are manufactured under the same roof.

A fully equipped tool room with CNC macines for developing its own dies, is one of the highlights of this unit. Monitoring the product at each stage of production is an integral part of the manufacturing system. This ensures high quality and good workmanship of the final product.

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