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The objective of our Quality Assurance Programme is to ensure that the quality of our product confirms to the design and the specified requirement of the customers. During production, tests routine and inspections are carried out on a strict sampling basis complying with the Indian / Internationally accepted standards.

The purpose of these tests is to eliminate defects by the most expedient means and to allow the continuous control of production process.

The tests and inspections outlined here represent examples of the continuous quality control process undertaken for maintaining the quality of the products.
Testing Facilities :

EMI is equipped with a full fledged testing laboratory to test transmission line Hardware Fittings & Accessories upto 800KV. Recently we have added vibration test facility for six bundle conductor with ‘Y’ suspension string and QUAD Tension String . We also have ‘X’ Ray machine for checking  Aluminium Castings.

Integrant Design and Development Facilities :

Mechanical Test Electrical Test
Vibration Test
Homogenius /Crack decton by ‘X’ Ray machine
Type Testing :
EMI Products have been type tested in the following laboratories of International Repute:
Italy - CESI
Italy - Damp S. R. L.
Italy - Borma
Holland - KEMA
Canada - Hydro Quebec
France - Bazet
China - Beijing -EPRI
China – Wuhan High Voltage Lab.
Sweden – STRI AB
Germany – Lapp high voltage Lab.
Japan - NGK
Czech Republic - ZGU & EGU
France - Sedivar
India - IIS, Bangalore
India - CPRI, Bangalore, Bhopal & Hyderabad
India - IIT, Mumbai
India - ERDA, Baroda

In pursuit of satisfying its customers EMI has developed it's own Quality Assurance Programme which has been accepted by various International consultant and Inspection Agencies like EWBANK PREECE, CROWN AGENTS, KENNEDY & DONKIN, PVO-ENGINEERING, ESB INTERNATIONAL, MOTT MACDONALD, EDF (FRANCE), EDPC-PPI Jt. VENTURE (japan & Australia), IVO (Finland), NEW JEC Inc.(Japan), Sinclair Knight MerzLtd., Howard Humphreys (Kenya) Ltd., Swedpower International & P B Power Ltd..
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